Loan Schemes

Corporative Loan I & II

Cooperative Loan I & II are designed to provide financial assistance to members for various purposes, including business expansion, investment opportunities, working capital, equipment purchase, and debt consolidation. View Criteria

Commodity Loan

The Commodity Loan scheme is designed to provide financial assistance to cooperative society members for the purchase of essential food items and household equipment. This loan scheme aims to support members in meeting their basic needs and improving their quality of life. Members can purchase a variety of food items, including staple grains, vegetable oil, and other essential groceries. Also can be utilized for acquiring household equipment such as kitchen appliances, furniture, utensils, bedding, and other essential items. View Criteria

EDU Loan

This loan scheme is aimed at providing financial support to members for education-related expenses such as tuition fees, books, school supplies, and other educational costs. It could be available for various levels of education, including primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational, or professional courses. The Education Loan may offer favorable terms, such as low-interest rates, flexible repayment options, and grace periods to accommodate students' financial situations. View Criteria